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How to choose your Window Lifter

Choosing the correct window lifter for your car is easier than you might believe, you just have to put a little bit of attention; there is no a single model, but different depending on the configuration and capabilities. We will discover how to recognize it and, therefore, buy the right one.

Left or Right Side?

First of all, you have to recognize the correct side of the window lifter. To do this, imagine that you are sitting in the driver's seat of your car (in a LHD - left hand drive car). Done? Well, that is the driver's side and also the LEFT side (in Italian language, and in our listing, you will find SX or SINISTRO), while the passenger side is on the RIGHT side, so, DX or DESTRO in Italian language.

More simply, see the image below:

Left and right side for your window lifter

Which is the Front and Rear side in my car?

It may seem trivial, but do not confuse the front and rear. Obviously, Front means the part of the car that consists of the steering wheel, dashboard and related driver and passenger seats. The doors are then called front doors.

Consequently, the Rear of the car is the one behind the front.

I need only the Mechanism or the Complete window lifter?

The first thing to do is to figure out if you need the full window lifter (so, mechanism + motor) or only one among motor or mechanism (so you can reuse the other one).

If you need only the mechanism then you need to look for our related listing where, in the title and description, appears the text: Meccanismo Alzacristallo (it's the italian language for the window regulator mechanism). If you want only the motor of the window lifter then you need to look for our related listing where, in the title and description, appears the text: Motorino Alzacristallo (it's the italian language for the window regulator motor).Finally, if you need the complete window lifter, then you need to look for our related listing where, in the title and description, appears the text: Alzacristallo Elettrico (complete electric window lifter) or Alzacristallo Manuale (complete manual window lifter). Let's see now the configuration.

It's Manually or Electrically adjustable?

To find out if your window lifter is manual or electric you have to check if the glass in your door goes up and down manually (by turning the handle) or electrically (with a push of a switch). Congratulations, you have just found out that, in the first case, you will need a MANUAL windows, while in the second an ELECTRIC one.

3 or 5 doors?

Sometimes the windows lifters differ for the same car's model/year based on the number of doors. Then, check how many doors your car have and keep this informations in your mind.

Comfort or not Comfort?

Have no fear, we'll explain right away what means the term comfort. If your door's glass is manually adjustable, you can skip this part. In fact, only if the window lifter is electric and also the glass raises or lowers AUTOMATICALLY after a click or combination of clicks (also stops automatically if it encounters an obstacle), then you have just found to have a windows lifter with comfort function and Anti-Pinch function.

If not, then your window lifter is simply electric, and not Comfort.

Please Note: windows lifters with comfort features have a connector with a typical geometrically form. Make sure your new window lifter will have the same connector of your old one.

If you don't find it, ask us!

In our website we have not all the parts we have in stock or we can order from our suppliers. Our database is continuously updating with new parts. If you don't find your needed part, please, contact us and we will looking for it. Maybe we will not be able to have it or maybe it's available in our warehouse!

Before contact us, check for your car's data!

Remember to send us all your car's data (in your car's logbook), so we will be able to check properly. We need make, model, year and (only for Iveco) also the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

How can i contact you?

You can ask for our support sending us an email or calling us on +39 0932 1846291, from Monday to Friday (8.30 to 18.30). WhatsApp Contact