How to choose your car light

Choosing the correct light for your car is easier than you might believe, you just have to put a little bit of attention; there is no a single model, but different depending on the configuration and features. We will discover how to identify it and, therefore, buy the compatible one.

Left or Right Side in a RHD or LHD car?

First of all, let's do a primary consideration: there is a difference between RHD (Right Hand Drive) and LHD (Left Hand Drive) cars.

In UK, Australia, South Africa, etc. there is the guide on the left side of the street, so, cars are RHD ones. This mean that, for electric regulated headlights, LHD and RHD headlights are DIFFERENT. Instead, regarding the MANUAL REGULATION, considering that the level of the light beam can be regulated manually, so, in this case RHD and LHD headlights are the same.

For european countries and worldwide where the guide is on the right side of the street, the headlights are for LHD cars instead. In this case, no problem, because, our headlights are for LHD cars.

Another important consideration is this one: if you have a UK car, for example (RHD headlights) and you want to move to Spain, Italy or another country where it is used a LHD headlight system, so, in this case you have to do a SWITCH from RHD headlights to LHD headlights for the MOT in that country. The same is for the REAR LIGHTING too.

Finally, if you have a RHD car, the LEFT side is the PASSENGER side. The RIGHT side is the DRIVER side, as well. For a LHD car, the LEFT is the DRIVER; the RIGHT is the PASSENGER.

Which is the Front and Rear side in my car?

It may seem trivial, but do not confuse the front and rear. Obviously, Front means the part of the car that consists of the steering wheel, dashboard and related driver and passenger seats. The doors are then called front doors.

Consequently, the Rear of the car is the one behind the front.

Well done. Now: do you need the complete light or only the transparent cover?

The first thing to do is to figure out if you need the full and complete light (composed of the transparent cover, sockets and electrical parts (and then, only excluded of bulbs, which must be purchased separately) or, instead, do you need the only transparent cover. Generally, regarding the headlights category, in our store we sell only complete headlights.

Also, if you are looking for a rear light then there may be a third case over the two listed above: in Italy we call it Gruppo Ottico. It is composed by the transparent cover, the rear cover, but it's excluding of the electrical connections and the joint of bulbs: in this case you will need to reuse the ones you already have.

It's Manual or Electrical regulated?

If the light is manual regulated, it means that we can not vary the direction of the light beam from the driver's seat. We will have to do it manually, by turning the lighthouse ourselves. If, instead, the lighthouse is adjustable from the inside with special buttons then you can be sure that your headlight is electrically regulated. What a relief!

And if my headlight is XENON?

Usually headlights mount lamps H4 or H7 type and its are electrically regulated. This in most of the cases. But in new cars we can also have the case of LED headlamps or XENON. Obviously, in this case you need to be sure to read, in our listings, in title and description respectively the terms LED or Xenon.

Talking about the Xenon headlights, you must know that the items shown in our listings are sold without the xenon control unit, if not clearly mentioned: then, you shall reuse your own in your hands.

Instead, in conventional headlights, electrically adjustable, you must always consider (unless expressly noted) that the lights are ready to the electrical regulation: so, you will have to re-use the electric motor for the headlight that you already have.

If you don't find it, ask us!

In our website we have not all the parts we have in stock or we can order from our suppliers. Our database is continuously updating with new parts. If you don't find your needed part, please, contact us and we will looking for it. Maybe we will not be able to have it or maybe it's available in our warehouse!

Before contact us, check for your car's data!

Remember to send us all your car's data, so we will be able to check properly. We need make, model, manufacturing year at least.

How can i contact you?

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