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These sale conditions govern the sale of products marketed by ATB Parts in this website, All purchase contracts through the site and according to procedures described below between the seller and the customer will be governed by these Terms.

Sale Conditions

The contract between LightWave (owner of website, ATB Parts ebay website and ATB Parts social media profiles) and the Customer shall be concluded with the acceptance, even partial, by LightWave, which reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to accept the order. This acceptance is automatic, unless otherwise communicated to the client. Placing an order, Customer acknowledge to have read all the informations provided during the purchase procedure and accept the general conditions and payment terms listed below.

Payment Methods

Cash On Delivery
This payment method is only accepted for orders in Italy.

Bank Transfer
If customer choose to pay by bank transfer, payment has to be made in advance, at order confirmation. After order confirmation, customer has 5 working days to do the bank transfer (and it's better to send us via email a PDF file of the bank receipt for the transfer); after this elapsed time, if we won't receive any information or payment from customer, the order will be canceled. Please note: in the bank transfer it has to be included the identifier number of the order (which is issued in the email order confirmation). Here is our bank data where to the payment:

Accountant: LightWave di Giombattista Migliore
Bank Name: Credito Emiliano
SWIFT code: BACRIT21421
IBAN: IT03 E030 3226 3000 1000 0002407

PayPal and Credit Cards
In case of payment through PayPal (or credit cards) after the order confirmation the customer is automatically redirected to the PayPal. In this page the customer can choose to pay with his own PayPal account or using a credit card. Accepted credit cards are all those who support the Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Secure Payments

The online transactions by credit card and PayPal are made directly on the official website of PayPal, through a secure server adopting the security system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This protocol, Verisign certificated, allows the customer to communicate his data for payment in a way designed to prevent the interception, alteration or falsification of informations. LightWave is never aware of the data of credit cards used by his customers.

Order Processing

Order Preparation's Time
Order Preparation's Time means the elapsed time from order entry to order ready to be shipped with the courier and it is a delay time in the total responsibility of ATB Parts' staff. All orders containing products in stock and which has received the confirmation of payment by 12.00 p.m are assigned to the courier as early as the afternoon of the same day. In case of request for quotes operators will communicate, as well as any time for the supply of these spare parts, even the delivery time.

Delivery Time
Delivery time depends on the shipping address of the customer and it is not is not the responsibility of ATB Parts. generally, depending on the final customer country address, it could be from 4 to 10-15 working days. ATB Parts uses only Express couriers with tracking code service included.

Delivery Terms

ATB Parts not ship directly to post offices and mailboxes, but only to a confirmed address. If the customer should not be present at the moment of delivery, then the courier will try another delivery the next working day or it will contact the customer at the phone. But it's better, in this case, to check the tracking code and see exactly how the shipping status is.
For every order placed on by email, phone or chat, ATB Parts will emit an invoice (always, in case of purchases from countries excluded Italy and EU) only at the explicit request of the customer at the moment of order's confirmation. So, to receive the invoice for his order, the customer has to send us an email with the VAT data.
Shipping costs are calculated based on the final weight or volume of the entire order's shipment amount and are shown explicitly during the checkout process or in the estimate shipping cost tool shown in the cart.
Every customs duty or fee, if present, will be a cost paid by the customer.
Standard Delivery will take place at the following times: from 9.00 to 13.00; from 14.00 to 18.00, every day, except holidays, from Monday to Friday.
No responsibility can be attributed to ATB Parts in case of delivery time delay. But we will offer our support to help the customer with his claim with the courier.
Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check:

- that the number of boxes is the same as indicated in the transport document;
- that packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered.

Please Note:
Any external damage or the mismatch in the number of packages should be immediately reported to the courier man that is in front of you, adding the words "claim / complaint for damaged package", or "claim / complaint for open packaging" or "claim / complaint for missing packaging "on the appropriate delivery document.
It's also required the opening of claim status at ATB Parts by sending an email with the subject: "Claim for Shipping issue".

Returns and Refunds Policy

To return an item purchased on ATB Parts, Customer must contact ATB Parts by email with clearly specified that he wants to make a return, with relative reasons. After, ATB Parts staff will send to the customer an email containing instructions on how to properly execute faithfully the return of the order or part thereof. As of the date of receipt of the goods (with the valid signature of Customer on the delivery document, so, with the certificate date of delivery) the customer has 14 days to communicate to ATB Parts that he wants to make a return. After this deadline ATB Parts will not be forced to accept the return, but will be evaluated case by case basis the possibility of extending the time limits of the validity of the right of return and withdrawal.
After receiving the return and the subsequent analysis of parts integrity, the customer will be contacted to agree on terms of refund (bank transfer, credit card, PayPal).

Returns/Refunds policy is under these conditions:

- the customer can return only the entire part, not just parts of it (eg. accessories, software, attachments, etc. ...);
- After having mounted the part or otherwise consumed during installation, the customer can not return the part;
- the part must be returned in its original packaging, complete with all accessories and documentation;
- the part must be returned in perfect condition. ATB Parts will not accept parts that show signs of damage, wear or dirt;
- the customer will be responsible for choosing the shipping courier and the shipping cost, as set out by law. In addition, the customer must send to ATB Parts the tracking code of the shipment;
- the return shipping of the part is under responsibility of the customer until such time as ATB Parts acknowledge to had received the return;
- if the part will be damaged during the shipping to ATB Parts warehouses, it is up to ATB Parts communicate this to the customer to enable him to open a complaint against his courier and to obtain reimbursement of the value of the asset; in this case, the Refund will not grant.

Privacy Policy

Personal data and informations of Customer, requested and collected by ATB Parts, in order to meet the obligations under the contract with the customer, will keep only by ATB Parts and not disclosed to third parties. ATB Parts, under the control of LightWave, guarantees to his customers the respect of rules on the processing of personal data covered by the privacy law.

Our data: LightWave di Giombattista Migliore - Registered Office: Via Vincenzo Malfà, 6 - 97019 Vittoria, Italy. VAT ID: IT01513420883
The customer, anytime, has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of his personal data by written an email request sent by email. The customer has the right to access their data in the manner specified therein. Marketing communications will be sent only with the explicit consent of the customer released together with the processing and sending the registration form online.
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