How to choose your car side mirror

Choosing the correct side rear-view mirror for your car is easier than you might think, but just doing quite a little "attention"; generally, for a side view mirror there is not only a single model, but different and depending on the configuration and features. In this post we will discover how to identify them and, therefore, buy the right one.

Left or Right Side?

First of all, you have to identify the correct side of the mirror. To do this, imagine that you are sitting in the driver's seat of your car (LEFT SIDE in a LHD - left hand drive car, RIGHT SIDE in a RHD - right hand drive). Done? Well, that is the driver's side and so, the opposite side is the the passenger side (RIGHT SIDE in a LHD - left hand drive car, LEFT SIDE in a RHD - right hand drive).

Manually or Electrically adjustable?

Regarding the regulation of the side mirror glass. We have two possibilities: glass electrically adjusted from the driver (with a switch) or manual adjustment of the glass (with a manual lever). In the first case we are dealing with an ELECTRIC side mirror, while in the second one a MANUAL side mirror.

Other feature (do not to confuse with the glass electrically regulation) is the electrical folding feature of the side mirror. We will see it better later, in another section.

Is my side mirror Heated?

Ok, so far we have seen how to choose the correct side and the difference between a manual and electric rear mirror; now, we see the characteristic of the thermal glass. The glass can be heated (and thus the function of defrost) or not. Has your side mirror this feature?

Is my side mirror Electrically Foldable?

Now, we talking about the electrical folding feature. A mirror is called Electrically folding (in Italian language we call it RIBALTABILE or RIB, and you will find this term in our listing) if you can close it only electrically. If not electrically foldable, then we can just close the side mirror manually, with our hand. You have just found to have a folding mirror or a manual one, so now you know the difference in order to direct you to in a correct purchase.

How to choose my side mirror Color?

Dispelling a myth of some of our customers and users, who often have asked this question: the manufacturers of side mirrors do not produce the covers in all the color range of all cars on the road: more simply, there are only two options. The first is the cover produced in PRIMER, a suitable material that has to be painted with the color of your car body. So if you have a side mirror with a color that is different from the black and still, painted, then you will have to buy a side mirror with a cover primer made and then paint it. The other option is the Black cover, not painted, if required by your model car. And, finally, maybe your car mounts a side mirror with a Chromed cover? In this case you have to buy it directly chromed made.

Other Features

Well, we have described the main features that describe a side mirror, we now turn to those with special features, which relate primarily to new car models or relatively recent manufacturing.

There are side mirrors with memory, courtesy light, integrated tail light. Let's to describe them in order.

The memory is a particular feature of the side mirror, if it is included as feature, that allows to record the positions of the glass in certain configurations, such as the reverse gear. If, engaging reverse gear, mirror will automatically adjust to help you in the maneuvers, then the mirror is with memory feature!

The courtesy light is easy to explain: it is a light that provides a soft lighting that help you to get into your car comfortably.

The integrated taillight is simply the turn signal integrated in the side mirror.

Well done. But i need only the cover or the glass plate.

In our store we have also covers, wing mirror plates, indicator lights, border frames, etc. Find them starting from the correct category in the category menu on the top of the page.

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